Songs For Emelie

by Marcus Loeber

Released 2004
Released 2004
An original Emotion Picture Soundtrack that adds a delicate sound to the greatest adventure movie one can imagine: Seeing your new - born child discovering its small but ever- growing world. Touchingly performed with piano and passion.
German composer / pianist Marcus Loeber

Born 1967 , studied classical piano
Since 1989 Hamburg- based producer and composer

SONGS FOR EMELIE is his piano solo debut after writing music to more than 800 TV- Commercials all around the world.
The birth of his daughter EMELIE inspired him to create this album full of intimate and touching music pieces ,reflecting thoughts and situations within the first year of little Emelies's life.
Don't expect a simple baby- lullaby album ... Marcus carefully blended the essences of jazz, contemporary, pop and blues- music into a calm and touching style of his own.
The CD comes with a extensive booklet full of liner- notes to each song and information about the composer and his work.



... outstanding piano solo debut !

The new double hybrid /CD - album TWO SIDES with aprox. 140 minutes of solopiano music is available now at billibaberecords, cdbaby and amazon. The album features 33 tracks including three duets with Grammy (r) nominated pianist Peter Kater , recorded at Capitol Studios, Hollywood CA