The Beauty of a Second (Original Soundtrack of the Competition)

Marcus Loeber

The fine music tracks to the video competition. Emotional orchestral and solo piano music

The Beauty Of A Second video contest - The Soundtrack

People all over the world have been asked to shoot a one second long video of a special moment in their life. This beautiful moments have been uploaded to a certain website. In a second step , people were asked to choose up to 60 videos and to build a short film. Marcus Loeber wrote 15 tracks in advance to bring emotion and feeling to the massive count of movies. People were able to choose a music track for their dedicated film. Some of the movies made it to platforms like Vimeo and Youtube, counting millions of views after only one month. So, here you go with long awaited soundtrack , featuring " Hands " , a solo piano composition which has been arranged for the orchestra to lift up the many beautiful seconds. The soundtrack also features private demo- recordings of this track and another solo piano piece named " Marie ". The competition is presented by Montblanc . The jury of the competition is hosted by famous director Wim Wenders.

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