Homework , a 6 track EP featuring new minimal piano songs AT HOME and home. The track AT HOME is currently featured in a german TV ad campaign by Eckes Granini " Hohes C ". The song has been sung by wonderful Caroline Keating, a young singer- songwriter from Canada. The EP also features two remixes by Marcus dear friends CHRIS ZIPPEL and  DER WALDLÄUFER. 

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FLOW - Total dedication to something. Eliminate everything else. Concentration will lead to relaxation. 

FLOW - A music experiment. 10 songs helping you, without any words , to get your personal flow. 

If you like " healing " music or chill out, you should listen to FLOW. 

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The Beauty Of A Second - Marcus Loeber

The sountrack of the MONTBLANC competition :

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Two Sides - Marcus Loeber

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Songs For Emelie - Marcus Loeber

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Marcus for sale

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At The Very Moment - Marcus Loeber

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Penetentiary Theatre - Original Soundtrack , Marcus Loeber


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