curriculum vitae

Marcus was introduced to music at the early age of five. From the age of six, he received classical piano training and began writing his own songs almost immediately. In addition to studying the canon of classical musical works, he came into early contact with music from a wide variety of sources. Besides learning the piano, he also received percussion lessons.

As a teenager he began to improvise extensively which today gives him the ability to free associate at the keyboard for hours on end. Ten years in various bands were followed by a solo career that continues to this day. Since 1992 he has worked as a commissioned composer for films, documentaries and commercials. He has performed more than 1,500 public concerts.

Today lives and works in a quiet forestal section south of Hamburg. His unconventional intimate playing style gives his music a distinctive sound. Time and again, listeners report the deeply relaxing effect of his music. Marcus is known for his perfectionist approach, both in composition and in crafting new sounds that express exactly what he intends. He is passionate about sound tinkering, constantly developing new sound designs and workflows. 

His stated goal is to reduce music to its maximum.